Our Kickstarter Campaign Journal 3+4

Day 3 — November 3rd.

I woke up that morning to see notifications for 2 more backers. They came to the rescue because of the email I sent out.

This is the email:

A guy I know lives by the saying “Why not?” Courages!
NOTINDOOR has showed the work of 100s of photogs and writers for a year now.
Now is an important time.
Supporting a publication is costly. More so when it’s proactively free.
The future of this community depends on the success of our Kickstarter.
The past 12 months were full of hard work, but when people say it affects their lives our hearts warm up.
I want to ask honestly, can you please donate anything to our campaign? Any help is tremendous.
Cause “why not?” :)

Sent some more personal messages and refreshed the sharing on my Facebook wall. Not much happened really. We’ll see what happens on the 4th day right?!

Day 4 — November 4th

Morning routine. You know the drill… coffee, Facebook, messages etc.

After all that, I had a surprising phone call from my buddy Adnan Bubalo. He’s an amazing photographer. It was actually the first time we did a video chat. While talking to him I left the house for a meeting and just when crossing the street I saw a DHL guy delivering to our building. Finally, our prizes from Sunwayfoto had arrived!

After the meeting I got back home and decided to create an incentive video, offering 1 of the Sunwayfoto products for free, if we reach $1000 in 24 hours.

This is the video:

That’s the only new idea I’ve had. Other than that, my day got busy with other mandatory things so I couldn’t promote more.

Results so far:

Results so far:
Link Clicks — 650 | Video Plays — 210 (34% plays completed) | Backers — 11

Tomorrow I’ll try finding bloggers to tell our story. For some reason it’s always hard for me. Wish me good luck.