Our Iron Man Gauntlet Replica

The HTC Vive & Oculus Touch controllers are a critical part of the VR experience, however the aesthetics highly resemble the likes of typical video game controllers.

Instead of the gamey wands, we wanted to create a haptic glove to provide a more realistic and intuitive experience for users, enabling an individual to touch and feel in virtual reality.

The design of the haptic glove and paired demo was inspired by Iron Man, because what’s cooler than using a gesture controlled glove to shoot laser beams? When a user puts on the glove, a closed fist position would begin to…

Testing a new full-body sports demo with foot controllers

By pairing four controllers into SteamVR we were able to create a freestyle sports demo enabling users to have a full range of interaction with both their hands and feet.

Users can physically kick soccer balls in the virtual arena with the controllers tethered to their feet. They also have access to their hands to pick up objects and can switch to a basketball mode to work on their shot. #Kobe

In our last post we discussed expanding on the HTC Vive’s default configurations by incorporating additional base stations, controllers and systems. In this post we took apart a Vive controller to get a better understanding of its impressively accurate tracking and haptics.

Inside Look of a Vive Controller

Inside the controller we found the two grip buttons are actually one tactile switch. The grip buttons are arranged so the button switch is mounted on one half of the grip and depressed by the other.

Notably, we were surprised that the controller was operating a single haptic motor, right below the touchpad. …

Right out the box, the HTC Vive comes with two controllers and two base stations. This is sufficient for the majority of VR experiences, however we’ve been tinkering with the hardware and software to see what can be accomplished outside of the standard setup. In these experiments we observed the capacity of Vive’s tracking power.

How Many Controllers Can You Run in SteamVR?

Prior to the release of the Vive trackers we wanted to explore the viability of implementing foot controllers to the Vive for added experiences such as kicking or juggling a soccer ball. …


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