Week 2 Power Rankings

Let’s start off with a glaring stat: the 559 is washing the 209 division in head to head battles going undefeated up to this point at 6–0. Look, I love the 209 and i’ll rep it until I die but god damn are you guys making the Diaz brothers disappointed. Maybe it will balance itself out by the end of the season but if last season was an indicator this may be a continuous trend.

1. Green Machine (gurpreet) 559 2–0

2. King Campos (isaac) 559 2–0

As much as I would love to keep myself at the top of the totem pole I need to give respect where respect is due. Gurpreet’s team has scored a whole 100 pts more than the next closest team (Marcus) and surpassed the 200 pt threshold in a single game already this season. I didn’t lose, but I hardly impressed with my victory only scoring 118 pts. This week we go head to head to see who the early season alpha is.

3. Fresno Amit 559 2–0

The newbie continues an impressive start to the season and is worthy of the biggest jump in the rankings this week. Shouts out to Cam.

4. The Rendoggs (rene) 559 2–0

Rounding out the final of the undefeated teams is Rene who weaseled by Adrian’s team in a 1 point victory. Just another testament to how dominate the 559 division has been. The victories have not been by lucky chance either as this team is one of the deepest.

5. Mr. McGibblets (marcus) 209 1–1

At the top of the 209 division sits Marcus who by terrible luck played the hottest team of the weak that went off for 200+. To make matters worse Marcus would have beat any other person in the league. Shit, bro… that sucks.

6. Shaolin Killa Bees (agustin) 209 1–1

May AP recover like the terminator he is and let this team hit the potential it is capable of.

7. Hoopty Squad (adrian) 559 0–2

The Shitty Match Up first ballot Hall of Famer goes to Adrian who has last in heart breaker fashion in consecutive weeks. Chin up, buttercup.

8. Team Team (daniel) 209 0–2

Last season’s newbie who captured America’s hearts by riding the Devonta Freeman breakout year is now off to a dramatically different season this year.

9. You F.T. Underdog (jesus pulido) 209 0–2

10. The Muffin Stuffers (thomas pulido) 209 0–2

The Pulido brothers :(

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