The TRUTH About Online Marketing
Ryan Lee

There are SO many hard(and righteous) truths and facts that are ignored by the so-called gurus(usually, by design) and the people they feed off of. Know you are prey to them and are likely being played. Cynical? Sure, okay — I can accept that. I’ve been selling full-time online for over 20 years now and I guess, off the top of my head, some of my ‘truths’ would be:

a. It’s hard to get people to buy — always. Respect the value that everyone’s money provides for themselves and their families. They honor you when they buy anything that you present them. Be grateful and consider every sale as being a blessing. From them to you but also you to them. It’s an important distinction to imbue ‘n embed into your online retailing soul.

b. Because it’s hard to get people to buy, it means you gotta over-deliver and kick-ass with what you offer. Now and forever — and always. If you think an e-book is going to be an answer in your business going into 2017, you are living in 2007. Actually, 2004. It was a marginal, limiting and one-dimensional idea then but it’s really, really, really awful one in the moment are reading this. Plus, the chances are that you probably write like crap if you’re thinking in such an unimaginative manner.

c. Constantly and consistently create unique, transformational and joy-bequeathing/imparting/giving products that distinguish you from other sellers in your industry. You may not have a lot of money but that does not mean you can’t innovate and be different. Find the people are true leaders, truth sayers in your industry(in this case for some here, Ryan Lee, the author here) Be Luke Skywalker and ask questions and grow with one or two Yodas helping you on your Hero’s Journey: “You must un-learn what you have learned. Try not. Do. Or do not. There is no try.”

d. You gotta work hard. Not long all the time(but sometimes) but H-A-R-D. Hard = commitment to your work and the people you serve and your personal growth as you do, not try. ;-P You don’t have to be Gary Vee and hustle for 20 hours every day but do have to SHOW UP and give the best of you. Trite but true.

e. If you are starting online business because you want to find easy money and think success is going to come just because you arrive on the scene: fuck-you. Go away and grow up. Or don’t. I don’t care — nor will anyone you try to sell your stuff to. You will fully deserve the black hole you’ll most assuredly fall into as you lose money to the charlatans who preach the ‘easy button’ to their prey. Just because some people appear to have been lucky, does not mean you are going to be so touched and heavenly blessed because you are so special. Plus, you are making harder on the rest of us who really care about the people we have chosen to serve. So, please: just don’t do it.

f. Just because some of the fundamentals are relatively simple does not mean they are easy. Default to simple in your execution where possible but know the journey means becoming obsessed with the people you are serving. Screw it — sorry, instead of typing all this, I should have just said: “Read this batch ‘o genius from Jay Abraham with his “Strategy of Pre-Eminence””:

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