Post coitum omne animal triste est

To cross the bridge, gaps and planks, void, claws, invention and production from men or god, that bearded man who distilled tears within the mountain.

Hunger hangs hitchhiking at nowhere road; sipping water from naked limbs, tits fell but soul flew away, blood in your pants, horror consuming eighty seven dollars of brunch, lower east of hell which like mold, covers the bread, it takes the time from my wallet, failed administration, came to the right spot.

Descend from skies, Oh heavenly angels!

So bald and blind, no feathers, no wings whatsoever but eyes as fiery coffins, take my clothes off, lay me down, dry my tears with dirt, salt the wounds, make me forget that i’m still alive, bring back the savage moans from savage ages. we need to be saved by tomorrow, tomorrow, tomorrow.

Help the rich and kill the poor, bring justice, announce that the son of god is hard liquor, that whenever you fuck, it brings the tears to the gospel.

I am entity, the one among the other, a boy spilling filthy prose and years and celebration, burning with purity because my cause is lost, hear and listen, bring your favorite joggers, put down your guns but shoot me later, stab me with tongues or lovers or drown me in water based lubricant, parody of decades, one peso arcades back home, a cheeky slag.