The reason why I don’t have serious relationships

We can play martyr and hangman all day long.

I’ve seen blood on taxicabs, i’ve been high on codeine, i’ve inhaled the reality of the madman and I’ve popped some pills at the church, after that i fucked the philosophy in dark alleys, i’ve seen people being raped by the visions of a new world, i’ve danced inside a flame of lighter turning on a cigarette, i’ve been the cigarette and the hand, but mostly the ashes.

I’ve seen tits and rats, i’ve heard the moaning of the love of my life through the wall, i’ve killed a man and that same man killed me twice, i’ve drawn the lines of many bones with my thumb, i’ve saved the words for later, phone numbers and people inside my left pocket, I’ve been waiting for a sour love, a good T.V. Show and some money, sitting in a room with two windows but nothing to see, i need to get out of here, of this body with shame and paperwork, i’ve waited too long for a lightbulb that was burned out, i’ve thanked the silence and talked through the phone, i’ve burned my body too many times to make sure i’m not cold.

Get the fuck out of here, soul of mine, go out to the cities where there is nothing else but people trying to be people, learn something from them and pay the bills, go to the East Coast where the ocean is beautiful and there’s some other horror waiting overseas, please go out of me and kill yourself in the woods and let everyone know about that you lost your mind there, Remember who you were and what you brought to this jar you call home and I’ll be more than glad with you out of me and someone by your side.

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