In January, we celebrated our fourth birthday as western Canada’s largest hackathon. nwHacks 2018 was chock-full of fresh inspiration, and was by far our most memorable weekend yet.

Equally, for us organizers, crafting this 750-person event was a strong highlight of each of our university experiences. We can’t possibly distill into a single Medium story what we’ve learned, or how we’ve grown as a team and as individuals, over those six extraordinary months leading up to Jan 13–14.

So please bear with us as we try.

nwHacks 2018 in numbers:

We admitted 993 of our 2068 unique applicants. 86% of those hackers RSVP’d “Going” (for reference, nwHacks 2017 saw 77%), and out of that group, 666 or 78% checked-in on Sat Jan 13, just shy of the previous year’s 79%. …

In light of the inquiries our organizing team has received in the last week regarding our application assessment process, we felt that it was important to be publicly transparent and give insight into how applications this year were handled internally.

Before we dive into that, I’d like to elaborate on the fact that applications for nwHacks 2018 were, without a doubt, the most competitive yet. This isn’t only due to our natural growth as an annual tech event, but also to this year being the first that we have the budget to offer flight reimbursements. …

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Maybe you’ve recently ventured into tech (the world says ‘hello’ back!) and heard of these things called ‘hackathons.’ Or maybe you’re an established techie who just hasn’t yet had the chance to attend one.

Now is as good a time as any.

2018 will be nwHacks’ fourth year, and we’re so excited we’ve been counting down the days (55!). Today marks the just-over-halfway point of our Nov 1–30 application period. …


Luce Liu

UBC Cognitive Systems 🤖

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