Hello 2016!

I don’t think I really have much to write today. Not much has happened in my programming life from last week to this week, but I’ll give it a go anyway. I probably need to create a workflow to add topics to a draft throughout the week instead of trying to sit down and write a blog post from scratch on Monday morning. I’ll try that for next week’s post.

I’ve worked my way fully through the Pragmatic Studio prerequisite for Turing. It was a really good course, but I feel like I ended up in the same place I do with most online courses: I learn a little bit more than I knew before, but don’t have a real way of explaining it to someone else or how to use it in another scenario. I did have some good takeaways from the course though. For example, Test Driven Development (TDD) and how difficult it can be. I’ve read that this is a strong focus at Turing, and realize why it’s such a great tool and smart way to work. It’s essentially writing the tests you want your code to pass before writing the code to do it. The idea is the make a plan before starting the journey. It makes a lot of sense, but even from my minimal exposure to it, it’s a really hard thing to do. Beyond TDD, I learned about custom iterators, input/output, inheritance, and distribution. Most of which I don’t feel like I learned a ton about and couldn’t explain to you without reading more about it.

I moved onto Lynda.com and did a course called: Programming for Non-Programmers: iOS 9 and Swift with Todd Perkins. It’s a pretty good introduction to iOS programming, but it also starts to ramp up really fast without a lot of explanation on some things. I think the idea is to follow along and create a working product, then be inspired to do more courses from there. I’m going to do Cocoa with Swift Essential Training next and possibly move on from there. I’ve found a couple of other courses on reddit and other sites, so that’s the focus for now, until Turing starts.


Originally published at markmiranda.ninja on January 4, 2016.