Shadows (A Poem)

As the sun peaks over the edge of the world
And its bright brilliance envelops me,
A shadow stretches out and curls
Towards the future - towards the sea.

I follow the line it draws on the floor
And I sink to wade in the deep.
I walk and walk forevermore,
As the burning star climbs to its peak.

For a moment I am lost in time
As the path hides under my feet,
But the blackness slides to the other side
And eastward it begins to creep.

With renewed ambition, again I begin 
To follow the road my shadow shows,
And as I waded out, I now wade in
To greet the land I used to know.

My friends are different than before,
Their smiles no longer ease me.
I seek to reclaim the days of yore
With which nostalgic visions tease me.

But my shadow spreads like fallen leaves,
Unrolling away from the sinking sun.
Then a blanket of black folds over me,
And the darkness and I are one.

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