Collective Moments of Illusion and Connections

Life is not just a series of moments. Life is a series of connections.

In these moments, there is matter. Matter is governed by our thoughts, our conscience. It is an ever flowing transference of energy, moving and migrating and manifesting.

We are constantly moving, not in a specific direction, like forward or backward, the scale of time is just an illusion. We are just a flowing ball of energy with spinning motions stirring within.

Since we are part of the Infinite All, we will and we do connect with other energies. Within this sphere-like energy field, there are holes in which outside energy forces can seep in and our energy can come out.

Our waking conscious life is aware or can acknowledge other energy forces. Every physical aspect of this material world is capable of transfering and absorbing energy.

So here we are, this rolling ball of energy covered in mass, with beaming holes acting as a portal between realms and dimensions. Every energy field that mingles with our own can change the balance of both. Your moments are filled with matter and energy.

In each moment, there is your consciousness, and everything within your atmosphere, your surroundings. Everything around us we feel. From the weather, to sound vibrations, light sources, art, music, all conscious and non-conscious beings, moments with people, connections, glances, embraces, activities, productivity, oneness.

We are ever changing states of beings in constant motion.