Inner Strength

The thing about being strong is, you don’t want to let anybody know that they have hurt you. Defeat is not something we feel can, or ever should happen to us. If somebody breaks us down internally, we keep it there internally. We don’t show the pain on our face or as we go about our day. We don’t show any sign of inner turmoil even if it is there.

This is the problem. Real strength means you can turn inwards and address that pain. Real strength is facing your own demons and showing them who the real winner is. If they get into your heart and stay there, they win. A polarity in the concept of strength is vulnerability, and we need that balance.

It’s natural to react to a hurtful action, if something hits you hard and makes you want to cry, cry. Running from it will not make it stop chasing you. We have to stop in our tracks, turn around, and chase that motherfucker down. We have to stomp on that bitch and show it that we are afraid of nothing, not even of fear itself.

I can’t let myself cry sometimes, I don’t allow myself to feel the pain. I immediately think good thoughts and switch off the pain, because nobody is allowed to ruin my day like that. But see we are just running away from it, we won’t allow it to ruin our day yet we will allow it to ruin our inner peace.

Real healing happens when we tell others, you have hurt me, you are doing something that is hurting my soul and it should stop. Strength from within isn’t about not hurting, it’s about having control over how much of it you will allow into your heart so that you may learn from it, and when you will release it so you may replace it with something good.

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