Moments of Light 1

On the way to Steven’s Birthday dinner, I was crying about our financial situation. As we were at a stop light, I stopped crying and turned and looked to my right. A homeless man stood on the corner with a sign saying, “Anything helps”.

A sigh of relief.

I am so blessed. I prayed to God earlier that in my moments of weakness that He be here with me, and for Him to guide me in those moments. There He was. I pulled out all the cash that I had on me, three dollars, and gave it to the man.

In that moment we were both rich- because the Grace of God touched down upon us.

Thank you, Lord, for all your blessings.

Steven wanted me to add to this:

He wasn’t paying attention to what was happening until he saw me roll down the window. He said he was in his own world yet I was still able to step outside of myself and see the greater view of the world, even when I was in a clouded moment of seemingly miserable existence.

It wasn’t until then that he felt my stillness, my sudden calmness as I called the man over to me. He did not see the man on the corner, but he became still with me.

We were all blessed in that moment, because we were all freed from our worry and frustrations and without those covering our eyes we were able to see the greater blessings that God gives to us each day, in each moment.

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