Purpose in Life

The purpose of life on Earth is to be reformed and regenerated. As an affect of God, we are not the source but we are of the source. In being not the source and having our own bodies, we are only able to be this because of God’s divine love and kindness.

In loving ourselves we are loving the Lord. This recognition of its own is not even ours independently, it is from the Lord. Our ability to have this through freedom and rationality is a gift from the Lord. We cannot operate within these bodies without the driving force of our souls itself- God’s source of love and light.

Our souls themselves are God’s creation, thus we are the Lord. We meaning ourselves, you, me, us, every being around us. Which is why it’s important to Love Thy Neighbor. In doing so we are again loving the Lord Himself. We are acknowledging God for his gifts and can then give true thanks to the Lord.

Our gifts are these: divine happiness and wisdom and spiritual growth, becoming a better person

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