Bookcamp 2019

All the books, such goodness

The first Bookcamp session at UKGovcamp was in 2017, and you can find the reading list from that one in this other blogpost.

What is this?

This post is about a little session at UK Govcamp 2019 where people sat down, had a nice chat about books, and got to know one another for 45 minutes. Think of it like a small, quiet oasis on an island table called Beyoncé.

Lizzi’s ace mini-figure photography, showing us how to read when you are only small.

This time around, we shared the best books we’d read in 2018, some other books we think are great and that everyone should read, we strolled unexpectedly into good books about death (probs best not to stroll unexpectedly into death itself), and then came out the other side with Calvin and Hobbes.


At Bookcamp there are no rules. Especially no judgement on what books you like. You can take that attitude to #judgementcamp, or something.

Here follows the reading list. Most, if not all, of these can be found in your local library. You can search for your local library using this finder on

Good books we read in 2018

Good books about death:

Books we moved onto to take our minds off of talking about death:

Reading we liked related to work:

Other decent reads:

If I have missed any, got any wrong, or if you were not in the bookcamp session and want to add something to this list, please get in touch.

A Trello board for these books will follow, if we think that’s a good idea? Let me know.

As promised, here too is The Delib Team public Trello board of good books about civic society, democracy, networks, agile, and other potentially useful things. I add to this when new books are suggested to me/us, so feel free to give it a follow.

Such as this one: Crowds and Power by Elias Canetti which is ‘MASSIVE…provocative…brilliant’, but mostly MASSIVE.

And holler at me if you would like to enter into a book swap with me. I am well up for it.