Repealing the TrumpTax: Day 1

They’ve done it.

Republicans in Congress have finally achieved their sole objective for pursuing elected office, the one thing that gets them out of bed every morning.

They passed a bill that rewards their campaign donors, and steals from the pockets of working and middle class families.

They passed a bill that will encourage corporations to ship more jobs overseas by giving those companies tax breaks.

They passed a bill that will raise health care premiums by at least 10%.

They passed a bill that raises taxes on 53% of Americans — or 100 million families — while the richest 0.1% will get a nearly $150,000 tax break.

They passed a bill Americans don’t want.

Today was a tough day. I’m sad, angry, frustrated, and disappointed. But I’m also hopeful.

I’m hopeful because on April 15th I saw more than 125,000 people march in 200 communities across the country to demand a fair and just tax system. I’m hopeful because since the Tax Marches, Americans from across the country have sent a crystal clear message to President Trump and his allies in Congress: not one penny in tax cuts for millionaires, billionaires, and wealthy corporations.

I’m hopeful because the Not One Penny campaign and its partners have held almost 800 events in 40 states denouncing this scam and made 1.2 million calls to Congress opposing the bill. I’m hopeful because Democrats remained united in opposing tax cuts for the wealthy and well-connected. I’m hopeful because two-thirds of the American public knows how bad the TrumpTax really is.

But now we have to turn hope into action.

We’ve now entered the next phase of this fight. It’s time to demonstrate the consequences of Republicans turning their backs on working families by voting for this bill. The grassroots outrage is already fierce and we need to keep it going.

The fight to repeal the TrumpTax starts now. Here’s what we’re doing:

Visit If there’s one thing we learned from Virginia and Alabama it’s that when we organize, we win. Americans across the political spectrum are sick and tired of rules written by and for the wealthy. And they’re channeling their anger into protests, marches, and special elections. Visiting will help you continue to tap into that energy and stay updated on events happening in your area.

Call your members of Congress: 202–224–3121. That’s the Capitol switchboard phone number and it needs to be programmed into your phone. You have two senators, and one representative. They are your direct line to public policy in Washington.

Calling your representatives’ offices is the easiest way to let them know you’re not happy about their vote for tax cuts for the wealthy and well-connected. We may not have the money to attend a $50,000 per plate political fundraiser, but if we light up Congress’ phone lines, they will definitely get our message.

If your members of Congress are Democrats, the same tactic applies. Remind them that repealing the TrumpTax should be their top priority. And we won’t rest until they fulfill their obligation to the working families in their districts.

Register to Vote: Vote, vote, vote, vote, vote, vote, vote. We have to vote in 2018. We have to vote in primaries. We have to vote in general elections. We have to vote in runoffs. If we don’t vote, we won’t have a say in who represents our interests in D.C. and city and state government.

And in order to vote, we need to be registered. Different states have different rules and deadlines for registering. So it’s important that your look into your state’s procedures, and get registered now. A good place to start is your state’s website.

Until then, keep showing up to town halls. Keep protesting. Keep calling your elected representatives.

Wealthy corporations may have the money. But we have the millions.

When we fight, we win. Let’s fight together.

Nicole Gill is the Executive Director of Tax March.

Follow her on Twitter at: @nicolelgill