Build a Slack Polling App with Airtable, Standard Library, and Node.js

Steve Meyer
Sep 4 · 8 min read
Simpling polls with Slack and Airtable

What You’ll Need Beforehand

Step 1: Create your Airtable Base

Step 2: Start your workflow

Click “Create Workflow” to continue

Step 3: Link your Accounts

Linking your Airtable and Slack accounts

Step 3a: Linking your Airtable Account

Choosing an Airtable base
Linking your Airtable Account
Choosing an Airtable base
One down, one to go

Step 3b: Linking your Slack Account

Choosing a Slack App
Click “Next” to continue
Creating a slash command

Step 4: Configure your Workflow

Toggle Developer Mode
Click the gear icon
"event": {
"text": "\"Test poll\" \"Option One\" \"Option Two\"",
"command": "/vote",
"team_id": "T00000000",
"user_id": "U00000000",
"channel_id": "C00000000",
"trigger_id": "00000000000.0000000000.00000000000000000000",
"enterprise_id": "E00000000"
Log output from the test event
Message from the test event

Step 5: Ship your Workflow

Name your project
Click dev (click to manage)

Step 6: Add a new Handler

Workflow summary
Adding a new handler
Adding a new handler
/poll "Test poll" "Option one" "Option two" "Option three"

That’s it!

Thanks to Jacob Lee and Kevin Brimmerman

Steve Meyer

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