Build a Twilio SMS Hub in 5 Minutes with Standard Library and Node.js

Steve Meyer
Aug 21 · 6 min read
What you have to look forward to!

What You’ll Need Beforehand

Minute 1: Set up your Message Hub Workflow

Click “Create Workflow” to continue

Minute 2: Link your Twilio Account

Linking your Twilio account
Click “Link Resource”
Click “Link New Resource”
Choosing a phone number
Hit Next to Continue

Minute 3: Prototype your Workflow

Manage your Workflow
you’ll be brought to tPicking a variable
The current setup
Editing test data
A successful test event

Minute 4: Ship your Workflow!

Name your Project and Workflow Filename
Click View Project to proceed

Minute 5: Customizing your Workflow

Click dev (click to manage)
Click Edit Code (bottom right) to modify workflow code
Editing your workflow
The finished product

That’s it!

Thanks to Jacob Lee

Steve Meyer

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