Whether you’re trying to figure out lunch or which bit of copy sounds best, polls are a simple way to get quick feedback from many people. Slack doesn’t have a native polling solution, but fortunately, with Build on Standard Library and Airtable it’s easy to roll your own. This guide will go step by step through the process of creating a fully customizable polling app, but if you’re just interested in the result, there’s a GitHub repo available where you can deploy a complete version to Build on Standard Library in just a few clicks.

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Simpling polls with Slack and Airtable

What You’ll Need Beforehand

GitHub is an invaluable tool for software developers. GitHub, and other source control providers, bring several features: a place to store code, a history of changes, and reasons as to who did what, when and why. GitHub as a platform is pretty open-ended, and there are many strategies for managing your repositories.

Git methodologies are a dime a dozen, but what many have in common is the pull request. GitHub, provides a UI to allow maintainers to review, request changes, and accept pull requests. …

Twilio is a cloud communications company that enables software developers to programmatically make and receive phone calls, send and receive text messages, and perform other communication functions using its collection of APIs.

Using this guide, you will create a workflow with Build on Standard Library that responds to incoming text messages. The result will be fully customizable to support whatever SMS messaging functionality you require. Let’s get started!

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What you have to look forward to!

What You’ll Need Beforehand

Minute 1: Set up your Message Hub Workflow

First, we’ll head over to https://build.stdlib.com (Build on Standard Library) to create our workflow. …

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