Content Factory or Content Studio ?

In a previous article, I was talking about defining all the steps needed to create a content strategy to reach you audience. Now it’s time to decide either you go with a content factory or a content studio ?

The differences are obvious for some of you, but going for the first one or the second one will make a difference at the end.

What is a content factory ?

This in-house facility is doing everything from crafting stories, creating the content, and tracking the results. All your content is thought, created, crafted, distributed, and monitored in one place. Imagine a space where an idea comes to life, where you can see the results of your content calendar.

How many people in the factory ?

First you need people for :

  • generating the ideas
  • schedule the content
  • produce the content (write, edit sounds and video, take pictures etc…)
  • distribute the content
  • Analyze the results

To be short, if you find a full stack marketer who can plan and analyze most of the tasks above, it will reduce strongly the team.
On the other hand some tasks can't be assigned cross-functionally. A lot of people are taking good pictures on Instagram but none of them are professional. Hire a good photographer (a freelance). For the other people in the team, I will suggest the following :

  • Head of content : someone that can understand the all cycle and can drive the team.
  • A Writer : a journalist profile is recommended and if he has a background in marketing it's awesome. He will write everything; articles, content calendar, social posts, pod casts etc..
  • a Photographer. A freelancer is enough sometimes
  • a Video Editor. Video is the new standard. People love it and your customers will do too. Invest in video and engagement will be higher.
  • a Social Media Master. You can have a Klout Score of 99, but mastering all the aspects of social media, is pretty rare. Someone who can answer fast to customer, do social ads (b2b and b2c), knows a targeting, optimize campaigns. Overall someone with experience in community management and engaging with the audience on all platforms.
  • a Graphic Designer. A picture worth a thousand words. Creating graphics elements is key to your content strategy. This person could also be your content librarian. He will make available all the content created for internal purposes. The goal here is to never heard again "where can I find a picture with this and this on it" Just go to the library, type keywords and you will find it.
  • a Data Specialist. Icing on the cake ! In some business it will be necessary. This person can only be a part time member of the team.

Please note that if your business is really technical, don't forget to hire a writer who has a technical background in this industry.

How much does it cost ?

Of course building a team from scratch is expensive. In addition, producing content is not free. In return, and it's measurable, you will get something. It can be brand awareness and more sales. You have to consider also that most of the companies are reselling the non-branded content they have produced.

What is a content studio ?

Compared to a content factory, the studio is way smaller in terms of scope of actions. The team is smaller. Only 3 people are needed here only because the way of working is different. The team gather and produce content for the other marketing teams in the company. A photo shoot, an article, they will do it. But what they won't do is content distribution.

  • 1 full stack marketer
    He will be the team lead, will receive the requests and plan the work. I mention here a full stack marketer, because in order to shape the request, he has to know the destination. Indeed, most of the request won't have technical specifications. But if the full stack marketer ask what is the content destination, he will have an idea of the tech specifications. For instance if the request is a photo for a print material, the full stack marketer will know that an HD picture is necessary.
  • 1 visual editor (video and photo)
    He can produce content, but of the time, his role will be to arrange the content for the container.
  • 1 industry expert writer
    Some industries need an industry writer. For instance agriculture. You need an agronomic engineer. His role will be to produce content but also review the content in terms of truthfulness and accuracy.

So now you have an overview of what a content factory and a content studio are. Ideally which one you will go for ?

Let me know in the comments.