Medium Launched App For Android And Ios

Medium a simple editor to publish your ideas , blogs on the go. It comes with set of features adding images , links in your blogs with pleasing interface.It also features a voice dictation option to speak and write.

You can follow other writers to read thier stories , once you login using your facebook , twitter or google account you can select your personalized reading list custom-tailored to your interests based on topics you are interested in and what your friends are writing, reading, and recommending on Medium, plus a mix of medium top stories of the day.

Each post shows how much time it will take to read with an bookmark option , though the offline reading feature is still missing we hope to see it in futher updates.

The new Medium app comes with several other updates:

  • A new reading experience in streams — Read shorter posts right in-line, or tap “Continue reading.”
  • Search — Always find what you’re looking for from the Medium menu.
  • Profiles — Quick access to your profile and writing.
  • Media in posts — Tweets, videos, and audio now display and play in posts.
  • Stats — Writers, you can now view your stats within the app.

Its worth to give Medium a try and start sharing your ideas with the whole world.

Medium is available for both Android and Ios.

Playstore Link :

Appstore Link :

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