FakerQL — The ultimate GraphQL endpoint for fake data

Jamie Barton

FakerQL is a hosted GraphQL endpoint that allows you to send queries, mutations and subscriptions for totally fake data, courtesy of faker.js.



FakerQL is great for frontend developers building GraphQL powered apps or GitHub demos. If you’re learning Apollo Client, FakerQL gives you the following Types you can query;

  • Post
  • Product
  • User
  • Todo

There are also various mutations available that provide fake responses used in everyday development;

  • register
  • login
  • updateUser
  • createTodo

The login and register mutations return a JWT which is great for applications that require authentication.


The project started a video series teaching others how to use Apollo Server to build GraphQL servers but I soon decided to grab a domain and deploy it.

Visit fakerql.com to see it in action!


You can send requests to https://fakerql.com/graphql via a library like graphql-request, via schema stitching, the hosted GraphiQL or plain old REST.

Below is an example using graphql-request that calls for a list of 25 products and a User by id, both completely faked results.

import { request } from 'graphql-request';

const query = `{
products: allProducts(count: 25) {

user: User(id: "wk0z1j1tzj7xc0116is3ckdrx") {

request('https://fakerql.com/graphql', query).then(data => console.log(data));

Going forward

The application is completely available on GitHub. You can submit a PR for any additional queries/mutations that are useful.

I hope this project helps other’s getting started with Apollo + GraphQL and removes the worry of building an actual GraphQL server.

Jamie Barton

Written by

Programmer Dad & Husband 🤘

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