6/29–30/16: Dream entry 1 (background)

Before I start my dream, I want to explain some of the characters since they are real: 
 So I have a friend, Celina. We’re not really that close, but despite our limited history she’s still the kind of friend that I am not afraid to hit up just to hang out. We have a few mutual friends and some of those mutual friends I consider to be really close friends of mine. So by association I consider her to be one of those persons that I could potentially be close to due to the fact that so many of my good friends are friends with her. She is an engineer, super sarcastic, super stylish, and is the type of person to hold a few close friends here and there, can be outgoing and friendly, but chooses to choose her friends wisely.

Anyways, so one of those mutual friends we have is Danny. I consider Danny to be a not extremely close friend but not quite a simple acquaintance. He’s also someone that I am also not afraid to hit up if I’m bored or just want to hang out with, but I can easily hang out with him more so than Celina. But Celina and Danny are closer to each other than I am to either one of them. But more about him: imagine your typical computer science kid, he’s kind of nerdy, has that awkward helmet hair, lanky and pretty tall but former track athlete (not track star but athlete). Surprisingly, quite a lot of girls find him attractive and I can see the potential in him — he has good facial features and just needs a good haircut to frame his face and more clean cut style-, but because of timing, and his lack of want to socialize in his last few years of college he hasn’t had a girlfriend yet. His personality is awkward but somewhat charming, funny, sarcastic, and super friendly and never ever comes off as flirtatious —not being flirtatious possibly also being the main reason why no girl has approached him, simply because he has never put out straightforward interest in someone. He’s very much a nice guy, but for me personally, too nice to see myself in a relationship with him.

So fast forward to the summer before Danny moves back home permanently. He is about to leave, has about a month left, and keep in mind that in this past 2 years, he really keeps to himself. He only goes to campus to go to school, internships, and what not and then leaves for home. Celina and I haven’t really talked to him, but before the summer starts we start hanging out, surprisingly, a lot. And then summer hits and again we barely see each other. But one day, in the month before Danny leaves he hits up Celina in the middle of the night and straight out asks her “let’s have sex”. Keep in mind Danny and Celina are close but not potential boyfriend-girlfriend close, not even outwardly flirtatious with each other. [Personally, in my opinion - and in a few other mutual persons’ opinions — I thought that they would make a good couple because they have good conversational chemistry and often make witty and sarcastic banter with each other. But I can tell that Celina is not really into him. But, in my mind, if only, IF ONLY she would consider him, they would make a great couple. But then again, not even I would consider to date him so…] So Celina starts texting me, because Danny is basically blindsiding her. He starts out a random conversation through fb messenger “do you wanna have sex?” She doesn’t respond for 5 minutes and then responds “wtf.” He then changes the subject to our potential trip from Boston to New York. He offers to use his car but it’s weird or something. She responds with “definitely not” and he asks “to which one, the car or earlier?” She stops responding and that’s when she starts texting me like mad. We both freak out because he’s not the type to do this. He’s stoic when it comes to relationships. Additionally, Celina always tells him about her dating life partially just to rant, and partially to lay down the line of “we’re not dateable friends” kind of deal. We both think he’s drunk or that one of his friends is pranking her. But he’s not. He legitimately went out on a limb, and thought about putting their years of friendship on the line just for a one-night stand. I don’t think they can be friends anymore. I don’t know if I can either.

Additional detail: me and Danny got close because he had a huge crush on my childhood friend, Janelle. I was team Danny, but before I knew it, Janelle had her eyes set on a guy who she had known since middle school. Danny confessed his feelings but nothing came from it, and I felt so bad. Things got really awkward, extremely, and he stopped talking to the both of us for a few years, until this past year.

And insert last character: His name is Mitch. He was Celina’s ex, but before they were a thing I had a thing for Mitch. We had been talking a couple months before Celina happened. We both found each other mutually attractive, but we just had no conversational chemistry. I still find him cute to this day, but he’s just too quiet + he cheated on Celina during their relationship.

END background story.

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