Arjun Raj. Have you heard about the Hindus for Trump organization?
Stephen Kent Gray

Hey Stephen, I’m so glad that you are interested in Indian politics and took your time to find actual relevant facts!

About the Hindus for Trump thing, yes, unfortunately there are a few extreme conservatives who love Trump only because he doesn’t like Muslims. The idiots don’t realize that Trump probably hates brown skinned Indians too and blames us for stealing American jobs. But these are only a few morons and we just ignore them.

About the regional parties, I grew up in Kerala (and still go there to vote), where the communist party and INC have been taking turns every 5 years. INC is corrupted but has some capitalist ideas for large scale development of the state whereas the communists don’t do much for the industrial development, instead focuses on the blue collar workers and the underprivileged, which forces a lot of qualified professionals to leave their home state to find the jobs they want. Neither of the parties are conservative (although, they aren’t really liberal either) and the people of Kerala give both of them a chance and let them take turns every 5 years. This results in a very balanced growth and development in the state.

Kerala ranks no.1 in literacy, education, Healthcare and has the highest Human Development Index which is way above the National average. Unlike the other states in India, you won’t find any extremely rural places or urban places in Kerala, everything is in moderation and everyone has access to all the basic facilities like food, clean water, electricity and even the internet.

And unlike states where BJP is in power, Kerala is famous for its religious harmony. The state has the highest number of Christians and Muslims in the country. Even though Hindus are still the majority, everyone is treated equally and they leave their religion at their doorstep when leaving the house and don’t let their religion dictate how they should live or treat others and make laws. It’s the only state where atheism is not seen as something evil. Also one of the 2 states in India that has transgender policies and policies to ensure that transgender folks are treated equally and get the educational and employment opportunities they deserve.

This Monday was the assembly election in Kerala, where people voted for the members of the state government. INC is in power currently and as expected, when the results came in today, the communists won. Based on Kerala’s political history, INC will be back in power in another 5 years.

So because of these reasons I believe Kerala should be a model state for the entire country. But as long as BJP is in power nationally and trying to push their religious, conservative agenda, Kerala will always be the stupid state that votes for the commies.

It’s funny because when it comes to the United States, I believe the federal government should have more power than the state governments, at least when it comes to ensuring basic human rights are protected. But when it comes to India, I’m a hypocrite. I want the states to have the power to take their own decisions. That way, Kerala can be much better than it already is. The entire country is holding Kerala back!

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