Trump, Modi, And The Fate Of The Two Biggest Democracies In The World

Besides the fact that both of our lands were British colonies once and think Kanye should seek professional help, Indians and Americans have a lot in common. During every election, we are forced to choose between joining the supposedly liberal, yet easily bought and manipulated political party or joining the death eaters aka the right wing conservatives to worship their Voldemort. Although JK Rowling repeatedly asked everyone to stop comparing Trump to Voldemort because she thinks it’s an insult to the latter, I’m still gonna go ahead and do it, because if you focus on the blind followers, the analogy works.

The conservatives of both the nations have the same agenda — mix their religion with the constitution as much as possible until it turns into a giant mess. While the Republicans go out of their way to make America a bible abiding Christian nation, the BJP wants a Hindu nation, deeply rooted in our culture and values, which, by the way, is surprisingly liberal but, of course, they ignore that part and cherry pick the ones to make sure patriarchy thrives and individual freedom goes to hell. All the while hating the Muslims for what the jihadists do. The irony there is pitiful and hilarious! The left sides of these aren’t angels either. They tend to fly where the wind takes them and the unpredictability makes them more dangerous than the right. So usually, everyone gets their turn to f*ck us over and we let them, putting all our hopes on the collateral benefits. And all is well! Except this time, the United States have it a lot worse, a lot a lot!

Back in 2014, when my Millennial self started paying attention to things that aren’t me, like my country and politics, for example, I was made to go through all five stages of excruciating grief and eat jars after jars of Nutella to get over it. Most of it were because I realized things don’t always go the way I want it to and my insignificance is more than I can fathom. I saw a man, a man I despised too much to even think of him being the prime minister of my country, becoming exactly that. Narendra Modi led the BJP to win the general election with the biggest majority in the Lok Sabha, the first for any political party since 1984. And everyone worshipped him, even the people I know to be liberal. That was not only painful to watch, it was also scary! But did it make sense? Yes. The country had it up to here *holding my hand until it hit the ceiling* with the Congress party and their corruption. There were no eligible opponents we could trust. Plus, Modi sold his brand like a pro businessman, promising development like never before. It was impressive.

But don’t get me wrong, I’m not comparing Modi to Trump. As much as the Voldemort effect (not the ‘Voldemort effect‘ British activist Maajid Nawaz was talking about in the context of Islamism. I’m talking about a different meaning I just invented) still applies here and valid, Modi was never the Trump of India. He was just the representative of some extremely archaic ideologies and ideologies change or die over time. Trump, on the other hand, is pure evil. He is Voldemort and then some. He represents the worst of Republicans, but Modi is the best the BJP can offer right now. What I can’t wrap my head around is why Trump has so many death eaters, when there are better candidates on both sides.

As a Millennial, boy, am I feeling the Bern! It’s too tempting not to. That man believes in and fights for everything we stand for. Add that to the 74 years of experience being on this planet and we hit the jackpot. But maybe he’s too good to be the president of the United States. Maybe it’s too soon for that and I’ll tell you why. When a country is this divided, too far left or too far right of center is not ideal. For every liberal, there must be an opposing conservative force and vice versa. Otherwise, a part of the population will always feel isolated and that isolation will result in sedition. Now I’m not against sedition, it must be allowed to secure a democracy. But the problem with that is, the division will be stronger than ever and the worst part is, neither side will ever be open to any opposing ideas. That’s why Louis CK’s letter to his fellow Americans is the most genius anti-Trump piece I’ve ever read.

In his letter, he never asks people to vote for anyone in particular. It’s directed mainly at the conservatives, simply letting them know they can do, and deserve much better than Trump. Even though CK clearly isn’t a conservative himself, he talks about the need for balance after 8 years of Obama and even suggests a Republican candidate. In the long run, only moderation works. Extremism pushes people away and it hurts me to say that out loud because that goes both ways and when it doesn’t go my way it threatens my own principles.

But is the conservative America listening to the comedic genius or anyone for that matter? The primaries and the polls say otherwise. If Trump gets the Republican nomination, then it’s up to the liberals to decide the fate of the most powerful democracy in the world. But they are dangerously split between Clinton and Sanders. Yes, if or when it comes to it, the millennial, liberal America will have to let go of the 74-year-old gem and the dream of him taking down wall street like a badass, and still go out and vote for Clinton. Otherwise, JK Rowling’s fictional universe will be a reality and no, America will not have a Harry Potter or Dumbledore’s army to save them from the darkness.

Why do I care? Because along with all the Trump things Trump says, he blamed India for stealing jobs. He could do real damage to the already not-so-good foreign relations of the US. To avoid that, maybe every liberal American should stop talking about him and go out and vote. Because democracy is so much power. If you refuse to use it, others will and you’ll find your head in the Nutella jar. Then you’ll eventually get heart disease and die.

This article was first published on The Millennial Introvert.

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