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Poetry Sunday

I’ve wondered often how love would be different
if the fingers didn’t intertwine⠀
in the solace of chirping birds and music of laughter,⠀
if eyes only met at a distance and faces were covered in half,⠀
where lips made no show and smiles weren’t noticed,⠀
if the only dreams you had of the person were ⠀
of them looking like a dream themselves,⠀
if handwritten letters were handled with care,⠀
and caresses were a stretch. ⠀

I’ve wondered long enough how love would be defined if⠀
Five Feet Apart were true for everyone,⠀
if the poems mentioned nothing about how they felt of touch,⠀
but only of warm stares and longing;⠀
if ‘I love you with my life’ wasn’t just a shot in the dark,⠀
but was the bottom line. ⠀

Now I know,⠀
and I wish I didn’t. ⠀

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It’s been quite some time since I wrote anything solid. My mind has been wandering all around wondering if my writing has any purpose and serves any meaning in the first place. My heart is pounding as I pour my feelings about this one but I am going to do it anyway, because what’s the point if I don’t? Lately, there have been times where I have just sat staring at the ceiling wondering about all the things I wanted to be as a little girl and the things I want to be now (I am unsure I know). …

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He wears a red shirt,
buttoned up to the collar
holding a smile, rather shy.
His sleeves full-length,
and a pair of trousers
just straight enough
for him to seem
like a nice guy.
He is well-combed
and nothing radiates
brash from him or
anything sly.

He pulls out the chair,
and knows how to cook,
and makes sure to call
me up by hook or crook.

He tells me not to
get raged up and quiets
my voice down,
because he doesn’t like
Me to frown.

He would tell me how I
should dress up in full
because of no other reason
but only because I look cool. …

  1. The clock ticks. You wonder if you sent the right text to the wrong person or the wrong text to the right one. Your heart is racing and your breath feels erratic.
  2. You failed an interview despite giving your best.
  3. Your brother made a personal attack and you do not understand how he could throw that dirt on you.
  4. Your teacher said you are the dumbest student she’d ever taught.
  5. A man on the subway cursed you.

Life often presents such situations to you, doesn’t it? Do these situations seem to make you feel less of yourself? Do they make you think that even though you gave the best you could, you still could not reach up to others’ expectations of you? See the irony? The fact that how others see you can make it seem that your own reflection is tainted? The person you tried to nurture so desperately can be completely washed down with others’ impression of you. …

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Lub, dub, lub, dub.
Been a long time since
we saw each other,
making memories off
empty roads and
silent places.
We ride together
to see the sunrise.
You can hardly wait
to entwine your fingers
with mine,
kissing away all the
time we had lost
not wanting each other.
Lub, dub, lub, dub.
We talk about
the things we love-
you show me
your favourite mug,
I show you
how you felt like home.
The coffee tastes funny.
Lub, dub, lub, dub.
We talk about
the things we hate,
I tell you how terrible
the last book I read was,
and you remind me
how my last laugh
was repulsive.
Lub, dub, lub, dub.
I wait for your calls.
Lub, dub, lub, dub.
I look at our pictures.
Lub, dub, lub, dub.
I miss you.
But you were
gone too long;
Off with the memories
I etched into the canvas
both of us painted.
Gnawing and yearning,
I bled.
But you were
gone too long.
I walked to your street,
wrists clenched;
A knock at your door.
Lub, dub, lub, dub.
I mask my exhaustion,
hoping you remain
aloof to the noise
of my racing heart.
You open the door,
smiling widely,
Oh, my!
She stood behind you. …

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One lesson I am taking away from my kittens is the amazing superpower they have- THE POWER OF NEVER GIVING UP. I saw them trying to get over a table once, and those little legs of theirs couldn’t reach the height so they kept falling and trying. This continued for about 30 minutes when finally one of them (there are two) made the cut. I was holding a plate of noodles and watching them be all cutesy and fun but meanwhile, I could not help but notice how they, not even for one moment, felt like it was not something they could not do. …

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Credit: Photo by Amanda Jones on Unsplash

Life can knock you down sometimes and the only way to get back up and make your time count even in the face of obstacles is a real show of strength. Here are certain tips to push yourself to be the best version of yourself, especially on days when you feel the worst.

Take out time to spend with yourself

Spend some time with yourself and figure yourself out. We need to give as much love and credit to ourselves as we give to others.

Maintain a gratitude journal

Before you start your day or before you turn in just make a note of the things you are grateful for. It could have been something that happened that day or just in general. …

Here’s wishing you a Happy Holi!

And beware of nCOVID-19 ☺


Pragati Mahapatra

Keen; Subtle; Blossoming.

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