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The perspective on Chance in this will probably be overlooked in the greater context of the issues discussed, but 2016 has proved very interesting for the back-and-forth between the cynicism and what I’ll call the “post-cynicism” that exists in good chunks of the music world. 2014–2015 was incredibly cynical — for good reason. As 2016 rolled over Kendrick and Kanye carried the torch, but then Chance took it the other direction. Then Vic Mensa back toward cynicism. Then D.R.A.M. the other way again, and now Tribe really legitimizes this… eh, “division” in the ways the art is approached. Polar opposite ways.

Not sure there’s a larger point here, just looking forward to seeing how 2017 approaches it. 2016 was a remarkable year for music and this was one of the most interesting trends to watch.

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