The Power of Mentors

I had a post-lunch talk with a mentor today.

Let’s call him Bill, because that’s his name.

After a little exchange about the holidays, he started asking questions about what I thought my career was going over the next 2 years, what skills I was working on, and what I was excited about.

  • I’m pretty decent at talking — especially when the subject is yours truly.
  • I’m fairly optimistic about “my future”
  • I was not looking for any strategies or answersI did not ask questions about what I should do
  • I did not communicate any need for strategies or guidance

After acknowledging everything I was working on and had planned to try to do more in 201, he still guided me and made me think about something I had not:

Can you take disparate pieces of information from 42 people — with different priorities, personalities, and agendas — and boil it down to 1–3 simple points? Can you do so so that all of them look at those points and say “Yeah, I get that.”

I cannot.

Frankly, I have no idea how to.

I intend to ask Bill next time.