Notts On The Rocks

I love my city and I want to share some of that love with you.

Nottingham has long been famous for it’s vibrant nightlife, with (allegedly) more pubs, bars, restaurants and nightclubs per square mile than any other city in Europe.

With so many options, it can be hard to know where to go. From craft-beer to cocktails, delicious wine to a pint of local ale, there is somewhere for everyone. If you know where to look.

Notts On The Rocks is the essential guide for discerning drinkers. With a focus on independent local businesses, we’ll be exploring the geekier side of alcohol.

We’ll be on the prowl, looking out for the best places to find drinks made with love. If you want to know, ‘how to’, ‘where to’ or ‘what to’ drink in Nottingham, come along and join in the adventure. You won’t be disappointed.

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