A heart so cold. A face so old. 
Eyes weighed down. Lips cracked dry. 
A night of wait. A silence of death.
My calls don’t reach you. 
My glimmer fades. 
I look in the mirror.
Despair crumbles my head. 
A wait so long. Our dawn skips a day.

Written down in the memories. 
How do I find my home, away from u.
I always know where you’re gonna be. 
Arms await your rest. Head, your chest. 
My existence. Wealth. Charm.
Turn grey. A body left astray. 
A heart left broken. Dreams turn ruins. 
A hope that doesn’t die.
A love that stays blind.

To hell with your cold heart. 
The lies of your caring words. 
The waste of your teary eyes. 
The chains you heartlessly live by.

To hell with your excuses and bounds. 
With the dilemmas and the choices. 
With your apologies and your callings.
With your faithless blames and stories.

It’s a man’s job to live on.
Walk on the crushed roses. 
Look away with wet eyes. 
Work his way through life.

It’s a man’s job. To forgive. 
To forget the realities and dreams. 
Stop differing in truths and lies. 
To not go gentle into the good night.

Pull the strings. Press the keys. 
Cry your way through songs and screams.
Kill your soul with marriages and kids.
Burry your body in cash and drips.

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