Its 9 am, the alarm on my phone is ringing constantly and its almost impossible for me to get up. That’s my story everyday. Need to get to work and start my day but asusual, getting to sleep at night was difficult.

My name is Noufil and this is my 1st post on this page. I have blogged before and it is something i usually enjoy. Although, its been quiet some time since the last time i wrote. I live in Dubai, 22 years old still studying. Hopefully i will be travelling to the States this year to get my Pilot’s License.

So why do i write? I seriously can’t tell. I’ve always loved it. Even when i used to be in college, i used to write poems and keep a diary. I used to note down every single thing. Finding out about medium made me quiet happy because up until now i never knew such an app existed. Researching further i saw a couple of more similar apps but i think this one had the best reviews.

These days my life has been very busy. I think its been the busiest time in all my 22 years. Getting up early in the morning has always been a task and yes, i feel 9 am is early. Ha ha. I guess i have to get used to it because i dont see any other option. I guess it has been nice, the last couple of days. Spending the day at work and usually meeting friends in the evening. There’s a lot of outdoor work so i always try and get something which will keep me out of the office. Sitting in one place starts getting really hectic and boring for me.

Anyways, this was a little something about me. Look forward to writing a lot more on here but i have a lot of thoughts running through my head. So all the readers if you could write your suggestions on what would help me build on my writing it would be appreciated.