Welcome to Series, a new type of story on Medium
katie zhu

I really like the concept. It's fun to make and expand a series. It looks beautiful and works smoothly in the app.

But, I do have a couple of things I dislike so far. Perhaps that's because it's so new, but some things feel like basic features:

  1. I would REALLY like to see how many people are subscribed to my series, so I'd know what's worth updating.
  2. In the same fashion, being able to see the views a series has gotten would also be really nice
  3. The claps are fun, but yes, it's rather silly you can clap for your own series…
  4. As others have said, please just update Android quickly so we can upload on there as well. It feels completely ridiculous that we can only update on web and see it on mobile.
  5. Me too, would like to see a way we can view/read series on web. It would make it seem a lot more integrated with the Medium brand instead of a commercial gimmick to make people download the app.

Keep up the great work, I hope this feature will get updates soon.

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