Informational interview

I have many seniors and teachers in my network but I selected 2 of them.One is my friend Afaq Saleem who is working in a USA based real estate company Real Estate Faster whose customer care and call centre outsourced in Lahore with collaboration of a Pakistani company Business Concern. The other is my senior who is working a news agency. The questions which I ask from both of them are following:

  1. How you get to know about your job vacancy?
  2. What is your job descriptions, post and additional responsibilities?
  3. Is you use any reference?
  4. Tell me about your company and its business operations
  5. Tell me about your company culture and corporate values
  6. What is your salary package?
  7. Are you satisfying with this salary package?
  8. Are you face any difficulties during your work?
  9. Is your company provide training and developing opportunities?
  10. What kind of professional skills required for this job?
  11. What are your experience in the interview for this job?
  12. Is there are chances for your promotion?
  13. What are the positive and negative aspects of this job?
  14. What is the behavior of your boss?
  15. Any suggestions and advice for me regarding professional career?

This was a very good experience for me I learned very new thing about the professional life and work environment. For this informational interview I came to know that our specific skills and knowledge are required for job not all the curriculum knowledge are needed which we studied during university or college life to perform job tasks. The professional life is very much different from student life. In professional life specific skills are required from applicants not the good grades. This experience of informational interview will help me in the future to cope with the challenges of professional life.