Me in the eyes of my friends

First of all, from the feedback of my 10 friends I would like to mention the feedback of my 2 best friends who are very close to me and know very much about my personality and strengths & weaknesses. One of them mention that you have not only the good communication and debating skills but you also have the leadership skills and you are a good team leader. He also mention that I’m the brilliant student in all of our class. The last statement of my friend is very astonishing for me because, I never been a topper of my class. The other best friend of mine tell me that you are great man with full of knowledge and efficient personality and always been a helping hand of him. He also mention the event in an education expo, the way I interacting with the foreign and national people with full knowledge for future studies he said “I gonna be fan of you”. This was very astonishing statement for me. Both of them mention that the way I fulfill my responsibilities and assignments are encouraging for them and they get inspired from my way of learning.

The common themes which are appeared in many feedback of my friends about my strength and the time when I was at my best are following:

  1. Man of principles:
    Four to five of my friends mention that your are the person who follows your own rules and principles and hardly compromise on your rules. I feel very happy that many friends of mine understand me.
  2. Hardworking:
    All of my friend mention that you are very hardworking student and perform all of your tasks diligently and efficiently.
  3. Cooperative and loyal:
    Many of my friends mention that I am very cooperative, loyal, sincere and trustworthy person; and I always been a helping hand of them and also a good adviser.
  4. Good communicator and energetic:
    Three to four of mine friend mention that I possess good communication and presentation skill and I’m very energetic person and also they enjoy my company.
  5. Good research skills:
    Almost of my friends mention that I possess good research skills and I’m good researcher. I also receive much praise from my teachers about my research work. Some of my friend also mention that I’m in search of new things and ideas.
  6. Logical thinker and man of few words:
    Some of my friend mention that I think logically and use few and logical words to answer any questions. Many friend also feel that the answer of mine to their questions and problems are very inspiring for them and they give more value to my suggestions. This was much praising feedback for me.

The additional strength and capabilities of my personality are following:

  1. Self learner:
    I’m the self learner person and my focus on that I learn the necessary and required knowledge by myself without taking help from others. I seldom take help from others in my learning process and my priority is on solving my problems and perform all my task by myself.
  2. Self motivator:
    I’m self motivated person I motivate and encourage myself to perform my tasks or to pursue my goals and objectives. I never find any person who is really motivator for me But I always get inspired from the great personalities. My great inspirational and encouraging personality and role model of my life is our Beloved Prophet Hazrat Muhammad (Peace be upon him). The second great personality form I get inspired is our leader Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah. The other great personalities are Abdul Sitar Edhi sb and Bill Gates. I received much inspiration and motivation from these personalities.

This activity is very interesting for me I receive very encouraging and astonish feedback from my friends and know about my strengths and weaknesses. I also learn about much which I have in my personality, the face to face interaction and obtaining feedback from my friends was a very good experience for me. I will try in future to enhance my strengths and improve my weaknesses.

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