samsung phones

Recently, {it has been|it was actually} confirmed {by a|through} source that Samsung Galaxy S7 will launch alongside Samsung’s Gear 360 virtual reality camera. {The Gear|The kit} 360 virtual reality camera {will allow|consent} users to capture a 360 degree picture {by using|by utilizing} 180 degree fisheye lenses {and the|as well as the} side reports will pair with smartphones through Bluetooth. {The software|The application form} {of the|in the} Gear 360 {has a|it features a} gallery and remote viewfinder application {along with|alongside} viewing option {that will|that could} feature VR view, panoramic view, dual view, looping video, and time lapse.

{According to|In line with} {a report|your free account} from Korea, Samsung might launch {a device|a treatment} mobile phone upgrade programme {along with the|besides} Samsung Galaxy S7. {The phone|Your telephone} upgrading programme {will be the|really are} same {just like the|just as the} one Apple launched {last year|2011}. The programme {will come|is supplied} {out in|in terms of} {South Korea|The philipines}, Samsung’s {home market|real estate arena} {and it will|and then it will} go global {at a later date|eventually}. �� ��[��p�FN���Y�l.�6�q���!�