The Districts Project

Oct 28, 2017 · 3 min read

What is districts ?

Introduction : Districts is a 3D blockchain application platform that allow you to realize your idea in an easy fast and secure way no matter what your idea is whether an online store, a complicated software or even a 3D online game, Districts can make it happen in three easy steps :

· Step one : get the 3DExplorer and 3DCoin wallet tools from our website

· Step two : pick one of our design templates for your project our intuitive platform offers you everything you need to build a custom feature-rich gap without writing a single line of code.

· Step three : publish and manage your idea using our 3DCoin blackchain, and the most important it’s free.

In other term : Districts is a virtual reality open world with astonishing graphics, where visitors will be deeply immerged in a very rich ecosystem made by them, they can learn, relax, do buiseness or play games, these varied activities will be in the form of decentralized 3D applications.

Decentralized 3D applications can be anything and will be running and used in the Districts open world, whether it is a game, a store selling real or virtual goods, a school or a house, decentralized 3D applications are easily created by anyone using the innovative development tool called Districts Visual Studio.

Districts Visual Studio allows you to materialize your ideas by poviding a large library of 3D models, textures, functions, that can be used to create environments, and events, in an interactions map where the user can visually and intuitively connect his assets to logical operators.

A new era of crypto currencies, 3DCoin is the official currency of Districts and it is used to acquire land on which decentralized applications can be deployed.

3DCoin is an advanced crypto currency that can be programmed to perform automated operations or contracts ; programming is flexible and can be time, password, address based, or all at once.

From 3DCoin custom sub currencies /tokens can be created to be used in many asset management ways.

The 3DCoin smart script system is based on the Bitcoin stack system, improvements were brought to functions making them take arguments thus exploit all the depth of the stack and simplifying the scripting process, it is used both for transaction programming and decentralized application developing, it is secured by a safe script verification module.

3DCoin functionalities are multiple: Instant transactions for retail environment, Coin blending that improves anonymity of funds, and external address support allowing people to use keys from many cryptography methods, including keys from other crypto currencies, simplifying multiple account management.

Conclusion : The districts project offers a complete framework where the highest expectations of consumers will be met by an incomparable offer, in terms of quality and quantity, creativity will be liberated, and ideas will never be confined in the realm of imagination, literally everyone will have the opportunity to express himself, and enjoy the creations of others, in a truly free market ruled by its users. Truly speaking, The Districts Project is taking the crypto currencies to the next level.

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