Will we return to pre-pandemic office spaces like in the City of London (Source: The Balance)

The slogans used in a gender equality protest in the US (Source: Getty Images)

Louisiana prison inmates being marched to work (Source: People’s World)

The head of the WHO formally announcing the Coronavirus pandemic on March 11th (Source: Getty Images)

In the 2016 election, appeals to fear and anger trumped policy proposals in deciding the future US president (Source: Orlando Weekly)

Youth-organized protests, such as the pictured Extinction Rebellion, took place all over the world in 2019, but how effective is protesting really in democracies? (Source: AFP)

The NAC’s new mosque is the largest in the world after the Great Mosque of Mecca (Source: The National)

Youths participating in anti-government protests in Baghdad (Source: The Financial Times)

Shiny new office blocks replacing slums in Rwanda’s capital Kigali are exemplary of the country’s rapid development (Source: RhinoAfrica)

Would Finland’s Recipe for Gender Equality Work in Other Countries?

Nour Attalla

Political Economy student at King's College London. Publishing articles about current affairs and broader societal issues

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