Book Review: Workin’ Mime to Five

I am on a mission to get my hands on and read most of Write Bloody’s work. Which can be tricky at times because they are a small publishing company and I live on this side of the globe.

However, with the internet on my side slow progress is being made.

The books that proved to be one of the most difficult to acquire was Dick Richards’ (aka Derrick Brown’s) Workin’ Mime to Five.

Maybe because it was mostly just a guide book (pictures included) (obviously) of some cleverly named mime moves. Ones which I’m still not sure I quite understand but was still entertained to read about.

It starts off with an introduction where Richards lets you know his reason behind putting this particular book together, most of which are lost on me. What isn’t, though, is his insistence on how this is a book for adults — one that kids shouldn’t really read because any wisdom and genius it contains between its pages will be lost on them.

All in all, it was a pleasant enough reading experince and I’m always amused when authors/poets I love branch out and explore/try out different mediums of creative expression. More so when it’s done as humorously as it is done here.

— — — — — — — — — —

You can find the book here.