Entry #1

“This machine is temporarily unavailable, we apologize for the inconvenience.”

This error sign in a photobooth I found last summer seems to be an apt description for my existence lately. It’s Friday. I am tired. There’s at least 5 things I should be doing right now but instead I am sitting on the floor, refusing to get out of these day old pjs, and typing this. I am trying to see if I can fool myself that this unshakeable heaviness isn’t just my sadness trying to consume me again. ahaha ha ha ha.

2016 was the year of rediscovering passions to things I once loved and losing interest in others that I never thought I will.

I am embracing the former while trying to accept the later. It’s difficult but I would like to think that it’s somewhat working (denial is a wonderful tool).

Below the dotted line I’ll mention some of those things because isn’t that what this space is for?


I have listened to an episode or two from some podcast here and there but never really found one that held my interest for long. I am not counting Serial because for a while everyone was swept up by it.

Sometime in the latter half of 2015 I started venturing into that world with cautious ears but in 2016 that all changed.

I started to understand why podcasts were a thing that people loved. There’s a wealth of programs out there that are equally entertaining, horrifying, insightful, educational and whatever else that is synonym to that.


In my early 20’s my love for music seems to have come to a screeching halt which bothered me to no end. I kept wondering how this happened (lmao it’s depression). I didn’t understand how I could go from the kid who would make mixtapes with my walkman by waiting for songs I loved to come on the radio to an adult who didn’t have the energy to listen to a song that could be easily streamed via the world wide web.

In the past couple of months a shift of some sort happened and I found myself being drawn to that world again. It’s still not the same but I am glad to have some of the joy it brought me back.

I can’t be bothered to individually list all the songs I have been listening to lately so I made this mess of a YouTube playlist aptly titled ‘the musics’.

Happy listening!


I like to have something to read at all times in case of emergencies and when I can’t carry a book or my trusted kindle with me I make sure there is some sort of back up on my phone.

So, when I came across Webtoons and Tapastic as apps I could not have been happier. Okay, it may not have been that level of excitement but still.

There are literally THOUSANDS of webcomics between these two sources so you can rest assured that you won’t run out of things to read anytime soon.

Some of the ones I am subscribed to are:

  • Owl Turd Comix, Bluechair and Live with Yourself are all by Shen. From what I’ve seen they seem to be some of the most popular ones out there and I can see why. They’re painfully relatable in their humour.
  • Brainchild is one that took me by surprise in the best way possible. Seeing Arabic in a form of comics I am growing to love has made me so happy.
  • Mary Death shows how death is not who you expected them to be. Poignant in ways I didn’t expect. Two of my favorites are You’re in good hands which almost made me cry and Captivity which actually did.
  • us with plants on our heads which reminds me a lot of Adventure Time and that could be a reason as to why I love it.
  • Trash Bird because trash bird is a way of life.
  • Yumi’s Cells is different than a lot of things I’ve read and I love it. For a while when my sleeping was especially bad I would read this before I doze off and it would help in taking my mind of things.
  • Rock and Riot is one that I actually feel joy whenever I see a notification of a new episode.
  • Hello World goes against the whole introverted webcomic cliche by being outdoorsy. Also, the combination of illustration and photography is amazing.
  • Adventures of God because Lucy.
  • Illustrated Internet because the internet is ridiculous and this illustrates that perfectly.

ANNNNNNND that’s a wrap! Let me know what you enjoyed and if there is anything out there that you’d recommend I check out.

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