Why Doesn’t Islam Have a Jingle?

As I read more about history there’s a strange question that surfaces. The question is, why is Islam so despised when the other major religions of Western civilization have participated in equally grotesque mass killings (if not worse)? And I think I’ve found one of the answers to this.

Christianity has gospel, and Judaism has reggae.

It’s a critical balancing act and a reconciliation of warfare with values of peace and being giving. Now I will elaborate on the history of music in both religions. Islam falls into all of this both currently and most recently such as فيروز (Fairouz).

When you hear, Hallelujah the connotations come in multitudes: the (what’s the origin of Hallelujiah) and the song by Jeff Buckley. If you’re anything like me then maybe you remind yourself of Shrek and proceed to play that song.

When you remember By the Rivers of Babylon there are various emotions and thoughts that may be conjured by this reggae song. Reggae music is rife with political associations and to me, is like a dignified punch in the air.

But what about Islam? The Simpsons didn’t do it yet. And Guns n’Roses aren’t Muslim, let alone Nick Jonas. It’s weird to say isn’t it? But Islam is nowhere to be found in pop culture. Many artists began as gospel singers before the surge of YouTube.

…to be continued