Your 10 Steps for a Successful Presentation

Lately, I have attended many presentations and talks where in some of them I wanted to leave after the first few minutes, whereas in the other ones I wished if the presenter would go on speaking for hours without even asking for a break. 
 After conducting a little research and comparing between those who did very well at giving a speech or presenting and the ones who weren’t able to keep their audience attention until the end. 
I came out with these results to you:

1- know your topic: people have respect to those who are knowledgeable about what they are talking about. To make them believe in your message, they need to see your passion which comes from inside of you. Therefore, you need to show how much you know about this topic and how much time you’ve invested in it. Avoid being too theoretical and try to come up with live examples.

2- Know your audience: try to get to know your audience better before giving a talk. Doing this beforehand will help you to be well prepared and ready for any unexpected situation.

3- Use a simple language: using a complex language always requires a lot of effort from the audience to understand the topic which might make it difficult for some of them to understand you, so they loose their interest in the topic you are presenting.

4- Body language: Be careful while using body language during your presentation. Body language can tell a lot about your state whether you are nervous or relaxed, excited or anxious.

Keep Them involved!

5- Get them involved: people like it when they are asked to share their opinion, so why not ask some questions to the audience and get them more involved in your topic.

6- Smile: Try not to look so serious while presenting. it’s hard to relax while all eyes on you, but keeping that little smile on your face will make things smoother.

7- Prepare notes, not journals: We all know these people who read from their notes when they are giving a speech or presenting a topic and they read from their papers as if they are reading their morning journal. It’s okay to have some notes prepared, but try to make them short, have some keywords written and you’ll see how much easier it is than reading from a long paper.

8- Make an eye contact: You’ll be the centre of attention when you are presenting. Don’t avoid them by looking away up to the ceilings or by keeping your head down. If you think that this has never happened to you, unfortunately I’ve seen it.

9- Make it short: we all know, no one likes to sit and listen to someone talking for hours. No matter how exciting your topic is, your audience would still like it short and to the point.

Only if you follow these instruction

10- Your voice: Your voice shouldn’t be too loud or too low. Also don’t speak too fast or too slow. Be accurate while speaking and avoid using slangs, accents, and local humour as those might not be understood by an international audience.

11- Last but not least: Many people forget about this part which is very important. Before presenting, think twice about what you will wear for this occasion and prepare your outfit one day ahead. A suit would be a good outfit if you are presenting to a CEO of a company for example.