Nousplatform Public Pre-Sale is Live!

Hello Community!

Pre-Sale is live!

10 000 000 NST-Tokens will be distributed during the Pre-Sale.

Please note, that we do not send any E-mails with Smart Contract Address. In In Order to participate in our public Pre-Sale, please follow this link:

How to participate?

Please, enter Amount of ETH and press the button “Buy Tokens”

Please, enter your credentials and your valid ETH Wallet address and press the button “Continue”

Please, read, confirm and accept all our terms and policies and press the button “Continue”

Then the Contract Contribution Address will be shown on the screen.

Public Pre-Sale Details

Min: 0.01 ETH

Date Start: 30.11.2017 11:00am UTC

Date End: 25.12.2017 6:59am UTC

Max. Token Supply: 60 000 000 NST

Rate: 1 ETH = 8000 NST

Currency: ETH only

Gas Limit: 200 000

Warning! Please use the wallet, which you control! DO NOT USE your cryptoexchange ETH wallet address or ETH address created with Ethereum client with no access to private key.

Token Contract Settings:

Warning! Token Smart Contract address is NOT for the contribution, please do NOT send ETH to this address, if you want to contribute, please go through the form on our website:

To see NST in your myetherwallet, metamask, etc., please use:

Token Smart Contract: 0x41ff17293fe3d87d4b6c9dc050ce17694145e1bc

Symbol: NST

Decimals: 18

Thank you!

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