Nova:a New Generation Smart Contract Platform

On Aug 1st, 2018, at the BCH community summit in Hong Kong, Nova, a new generation smart contract platform project, was first announced to the community.

Nova is a smart contract platform and a joint project developed by SequoiaDB, BCH community and Bitmain, the biggest blockchain technology company.

Blockchain and smart contract are similar to distributed data management and database technologies in many aspects.

Therefore, Nova project is inspired by distributed database SequoiaDB. SequoiaDB is a leading distributed database, with scalability, high performance and fully ACID. SequoiaDB is now being used by hundreds of enterprise customers, especially over 50 major banks in China.

The goal of Nova project is to build the largest universal smart contract and asset exchange platform for the top cryptocurrency ecosystem like BTC, BCH, ETH and EOS.

Nova supports Javascript and WebAssembly as development languages, and provides concurrent smart contract execution, dynamic execution cost calculation & optimization.

Nova is already integrated with Wormhole project and all its applications. In late 2018, Nova will release the GA version and testing network.

According to the project plan, Nova will complete integration with BTC/BCH and release the full edition of smart contract platform in early 2019.

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