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Content is king. Here at Policygenius we are focused on giving people the tools they need to make good decisions about their financial protection and a huge part of that is educating users via content.

We do that through our team of writers, who are focused on understanding the insurance industry and breaking down complex topics into layman’s terms. This core idea of education is why we have taken a proactive approach to deploying our content rapidly, and making the process as painless as possible for our writers.

To do this we utilize GatsbyJS to statically build our site and Contentful as a CMS (Content Management System) for our writers. GatsbyJS, is an open source React-based static site framework, which allows us to quickly create new templates and components for our writers so they can focus on writing new amazing content. These two tools allow us to build a static site that can quickly serve rich content to our users and teach them about insurance. …

Max Novak

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