Learn How To Approach A Girl
 How to approach a girl is a big question for young guys, most of the guys are not aware of the correct way of talking to girls. There are many factors deciding how to approach a girl. Some of these factors are listed below:
 -Personality: personality is very essential in order to know how to approach a girl, because of the fact that personality and body language are the prime most aspects which are noticed by any girl during first meet.
 -Good starting: be confident and give an impressive start to your communication so that you can easily deal with the query that how to approach a girl. Way of approaching a girl can be of two types: direct approach to a girl and indirect approach to a girl, direct approach is a way in which you talk the entire thing in a straightforward manner and discloses all the feeling for a girl so that you can approach a girl quickly. But I this approach is not always sure that you are really able to approach a girl or not, because you actually do not get time to prepare yourself. Alternately, indirect approach is good answer regarding how to approach a girl because here you do not have to talk directly, just make little eye contact, talk to her friends in order to know her likes and dislikes, so that you can easily and comfortably deal with the question that how to approach a girl.
 -Get yourself prepared for rejection: While you approach women, get prepared for the rejection too, because it is likely to happen that women may reject and should not take it as the situation of do or die. Take it in a positive sense and moreover, always be genuine and real.
 — Be confident and genuine with what you say: In case you want to learn about how to gain confidence so that you can approach women is by concentrating on the best aspects of personality you have. Practicing at home in front of mirror is also one of best way to approach women because you can mentally prepare yourself that actually how you are going to approach women.
 -Communicating with eye is the best possible answer of how to approach a girl: Communicating with eyes is the most famous trend in youths in order to convey their messages; you can also make use of eye contact in order to attract a girl.
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