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 Use of the Internet in the workplace has become commonplace all around the world and is vital in how businesses conduct their day to day activities. However, it is widely agreed that employees have become accustomed to abusing this ready availability of the Internet — many members of staff spend their time when they should be working on other activities such as surfing the web, using social network sites, emailing family members or chatting to friends. The Internet has always been an addictive distraction but its misuse in the workplace can only serve to reduce staff’s productivity and brings about a whole host of other problems.

In order to combat this misuse of company Internet, many company bosses are investing in Internet filtering software which is designed to monitor employees’ Internet usage from a central location. Software exists that can track the movement of documents, track all employee email activity, all Chat/IM activity and bosses can also see all the websites that their staff have been accessing during work hours.

Boost staff productivity

In the current economic climate, many businesses are struggling and the recession means that they are having to work much harder to reap any kind of success. This means that every business wants to increase its employees’ productivity during working hours and constant time spent on non-work activities can only serve to hinder a business in the short and long-term. There is a huge hidden cost to businesses as a huge amount of time is being wasted where it could be being spent working. Internet filtering software can help prevent this as it enables bosses to track down the worst culprits.

Avoid damage to brand reputation

Staff who post controversial material to social media sites are putting a company’s brand reputation and image in jeopardy. This is consistently seen by staff who post of sites such as Facebook, MySpace and Twitter. Internet filtering software can block certain websites and so prevent your staff from being tempted by such sites.

Avoid legal risks

Employees engaging in illicit activities online presents a huge risk to companies as other employees may be exposed to such material against their will and legal problems could easily ensue. This is obviously not good for a business’s reputation and could result in huge legal entanglements. Internet filtering software can block websites, such as adult websites, and prevent this type of risk from occurring. It can also point out the worst culprits so that bosses can action against them should they choose.

Company bosses have the right to monitor their employees on company computers and ensure that they are not wasting valuable time while they should be working. Some employees may feel violated or betrayed that you are “spying” on them with this Internet filtering software so to speak. But as long as you inform them of what you are doing and why then this should be satisfactory. Employers should create and distribute to all employees an “acceptable use policy” which discloses monitoring and filtering of their computers.

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