Why it is Important to Learn Spanish

Learning a foreign language is not just rewarding it is a grandiose experience. From the beginning of time, man has been unable to communicate with peoples from other countries except by learning each other’s language and cultures. According to the Old Testament annals, there was a time when al the peoples of the worlds spoke one language. However, it is said that Nimrod, the mighty hunter against the Lord, ruined that universal language system by building a tower to reach heaven, and that the Lord frustrated Nimrod’s plans by making the workmen speak different languages.

It is foolish to think that any nation can continue to coexist without verbal communication with other nations and peoples where Spanish replaces English. To study Spanish and be able to communicate with native speakers is not a luxury, but a necessity. It is a necessity especially today when the world has become increasingly globalized and many business and commercial ventures in the U.S. are keeping up with this shifting trend by attempting to hire or train their employees to learn Spanish.

Learning Spanish helps students and employees to understand their own language better, to gives them a better perspective on the Spanish-speaking natives. Learning Spanish is not only educational, but also beneficial. A myriad of research conducted has shown a correlation between the effects of learning a new language, particularly Spanish, in increasing brain functioning and memory capabilities.

General Principles on How to Go About Learning Spanish

If you want to learn Spanish now, keep in mind the generally accepted principles for the learning of language according to some observations of the habits of the Spanish language. The majority of languages follow ( 1 ) sound, ( 2 ) grammar, ( 3 ) vocabulary, and ( 4 ) culture. It is recommended that one start with the alphabet of Spanish since the phonetic sounds of the language should take precedence in teaching. The Spanish language is considered a phonetic language due to the fact that it is written almost the way it sounds. The sounds of the five vowels are always the same; they are invariable. Spanish words follow the basic clear sounds of the five vowels : a (ah), e (eh), i (ee), o (oh), u (oo). These clear sounds never change, contrary to the vowel sounds in the English language where the letter a sounds like the Spanish ah in the word father, but this same vowel sound chances in the word lady.

Once you learn these five vowel sounds in Spanish, it becomes easier to read any given Spanish word, even when the person does not understand the meaning of the word yet. Thus, those who want to learn learn Spanish now have to go through the first level of Spanish by learning the sounds of the vowels and then the rest of the alphabet.

Learning Spanish does not have to be difficult or expensive and it is possible to begin to learn Spanish now! Rocket Languages provides an intensive learning experience designed by Spanish lingual experts that promises to have you speaking like a native in less than two months! It also offers a free introductory course which guides you through the initial learning process. Download is fast and easy and you can begin learning your way to success in no time!

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