My #10YearChallenge

The #10YearChallenge has gone so viral but I did not give it any importance till I clicked my first selfie of 2019 few days back. But this is not about a photograph comparison but more on the highs and lows of my life.

I keep seeing people’s “2009 vs 2019” or #10yearchallenge posts and it got me thinking about how different things are now. A decade later, and I’m living a completely different life.

10 years back — 2009

  1. I was 26 years old
  2. Unmarried & single
  3. Slim and underweight
  4. Blogger with 5 years experience
  5. Freelance writer with 1 year experience
  6. Life was busy with full time job as an assistant editor
  7. Joined IIM Ahmedabad as their research analyst
  8. I was living alone, cooking for myself
  9. Made so many new friends — still in touch with my colleague Preeti
  10. I joined and quit Facebook in 24hours of time

10 years later — 2019

  1. I am 35 years old
  2. Unmarried & single
  3. Little obese and breathing problems
  4. After 14 years, I quit full time blogging
  5. 11 years of working experience
  6. I am a published author of 5 e-books
  7. I have my own firm and e-magazine
  8. No free time, no close friends
  9. Life is tiring but good, hope it becomes best.
  10. I am a well known name in blogging, writing and social media circles.

Many changes happened. Life taught me great lessons. Few regrets too, but I vowed not to repeat them and I am glad I did not. I kept my word.

10 years from now — 2029

  1. I will be 45 years old
  2. May be still unmarried
  3. Grey haired
  4. More books to my credit
  5. Happily working
  6. Living alone
  7. Financially stable
  8. Life to be best
  9. No online presence
  10. Socialising with friends in person more

Regardless of where I end up, I see myself in love with the world around me and having the time of my life. I plan, I have dreams, I work towards achieving it. My dreams, my future plans are the only motivation to live my life. I want to see myself somewhere better, where I am right now. Cheers to the dreams, Cheers to the spirit of life that always keeps me going :)