Photos, the purpose and my perspective

In the last of situation now, people thought the level of their life will be increase if they posted their dumb holiday traveling activity or luxurious brand that most of people can’t reach, into their Instagram etc, without any reason (don’t be offended). It’s okay i just tell negative perspective. But, most of people believe the photos make some guarantee of their happiness with making people feel envy.

So guys, just set you purpose of your photos, make some caption or describe the situation in your place, what you get and what you did. Make people getting knowledge of situation or something how the process is. Respect will happen in what you do not what you posted. Share your positive happiness.

This is my first post in MEDIUM I just wrote my perspective. I have seen a lot of photo posted in Instagram and i know the purpose of their photo to their followers. I hope it was wrong. I’am not haters i just share what was happen now. I feel bad didn’t put any knowledge in my travelling capture and in other photos when i posted in Instagram. That’s the reason.

Thank you