Paypro Decentralized Financial Markets

What is Paypro

PayPro is a decentralized financial-marketplace made for dealing with a new eco-system where value is represented in new forms thanks to Smart Contracts. Thus, we aim at creating the first application where users can use our wallet to store tokens representing any asset and trade with them in a financial-marketplace.


In a future where Smart Contracts will be used for many of our daily activities,
such as using decentralized computer power, trading or insuring a car, we
believe that banking is also going to be decentralized.

On the one hand, traditional banking services are being decentralized thanks
to many initiatives coming from all over the world and being built over the
Ethereum protocol — some of them can be tracked here: In our perspective, all these applications
need to be offered through a common platform same as Android
applications are offered in Google Play, as otherwise the user experience

On the other hand, users are going to need new forms of storing value due
to the raise of smart contracts. All tokens coming from smart contracts and
currencies need to be stored at the same place and hence, a new form of
wallets need to be created. These wallets are meant to represent all the
crypto-assets and liabilities of an individual.

As a result, if our marketplace manages to gather a universal crypto-wallet
and a financial marketplace in the same place, we will have created the first
decentralized bank-alike application where users will be capable of storing
and managing all their crypto assets, ranging from storing currencies, loans
or investments.

Why an ICO ?

Because we truly believe that PayPro is made to be a global change, we also
believe that it has to be conceived by the global community for a number of

First of all, as a decentralized application it is natural for us that its conception
must come from the community. Even though our organization is going to be
its main promoter, we also expect support from the community in terms of

Initial Coin Offering (ICO)

Because PayPro is a complex challenge, we are yet to develop it. Though, all
the code will be open source and we expect the community to join us on its

We are running this ICO in order to raise the necessary funds to kick it off.
We are looking forward to starting working with you on this amazing project.

Token Sale Summary

Name : PayPro Token

Symbol : PYP

Pre-sale period : January 8th to January 15th, 2017

Pre-sale terms : Min investment of 15 ETH

Pre-sale bonus : Bonus of up to 35%

Main Sale period : January 15th to January 31st

Main sale terms : Min investment of 0.5 ETH

Main sale bonus : 1st 24 hours 20% 1st week 15% 2nd week 10%

Exchange rate : 1 ETH : 500 PYP

Limits : 20,000 ETH (Hard Cap) or EUR 5,000,000.00 depending on exchange rate.

Accepted currencies : ETH only

Token holder benefits : Decision & Economic rights.

% of Token sold : 40%

Nationality : Anyone except Singapore, Estonia and the US due to legal restrictions or countries trade sanctioned by the US.


We understand that the core functionality of PayPro has to be its capacity to
store currency-value and spend it. Otherwise there is no point of storing
value if it can not be used. For that reason, we have built the banking platform


PayPro will accept most forms of crypto-currencies. Using Ethereum will allow users to store at least the 100 most used currencies by transaction volume per day. Of course, PayPro Token will be our main currency and will be easily exchanged with any other currency.

So far, we have developed an iOS app that allows to store BTC, but this is just a proof of concept made for user experience purposes.You can download it on the AppStore here:


PayPro Token (PYP) will be the flagship currency in our ecosystem, facilitating transactions within the marketplace. The main purpose of PYPs is that they will be used for political rights and for usage;

-Political Rights


-Paypro Role

-Mougayar Test

What is a Token Sale?

When further development is needed from a company, a token created by
the company can be given in exchange of funds.


If an investor can not invest in the token pre-sale, he still can enjoy a bonus
via the following methods:

-During the first 24 hours, 20% bonus tokens.
-During the first week, 15% bonus tokens.
-During the second week, 10% bonus tokens.

Tokens offered through ICO -40%

The funds raised will be used to finance the development of the platform for the next 4 years.


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