A hard to swallow pill — we already live in a dystopian society. It’s a difficult one, but bear with me. Throughout history, our species has always been working on improving the life of the next generation, we never stopped searching for knowledge, we innovated furiously, we gladly died for freedom and democracy, my great grandpa fought in the WWI, we created an abundance of everything, yet we ended up in a dystopia. How can I tell?

Executives at Instagram are planning to build a version of the popular photo-sharing app that can be used by children under the age…

Technology has become a commodity. With enough resources we can build anything — from neural networks to a live-action “Cats” movie. The real question is, does anyone need it?

To help honestly answer this question — and tackle the law of triviality — I distilled my hands-on observations related to product development into three points.

We’re Selling a Story

Usually, we don’t have to invest months of work and write countless lines of code to discover if anyone needs our product. We need a good story, a relevant experiment and participants for that experiment.

A good story can make you spend thousands of dollars…


I always start my workshops with a simple exercise: create a weather forecast app, presuming you have an unlimited budget and access to any technology. What would you make?


UX design has matured as a field over the past decade, overcoming numerous misconceptions and the disregard of logic. Designers have arrived at best practices through aggregating similar approaches while accepting the evolving process of design. However, there is no universal workflow for UX design. Each project is grounded in its unique context, based on technological limitations, users’ mental models, business goals and environmental influences amongst other factors. As such, even if a workflow worked well in the past, it might not work well again in a different context. …

Novi Milenkovic

Translating human needs into the product features

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